The Freelancer’s Checklist

I didn’t feel like a professional musician until I starting performing for special events. Even though I treated my student recitals as such it wasn’t until people handed me money for performing that I felt like the real deal. Over the years I’ve performed various events such as weddings, funerals, corporate parties, art openings, community events, holiday parties, open houses, coffee shops and restaurants. Sometimes I performed solo and other times with another musician on guitar, flute or violin.

After all the hard work you’ve put into preparing the music it’s important that you have everything that you need for the performance. To that end I’ve assembled a checklist so as not to forget anything. You may need to modify items for your own checklist. For instance, I use a guitar with a built in pick-up but if you use a microphone be sure to include that along with a mic stand. I’ve also included a stand light. You’d be surprised how often the lighting is dim.


  • Guitar
  • Patch cord
  • Amplifier
  • Extension cord /power strip
  • Music
  • Music stand
  • Stand light
  • Footstool
  • Spare strings
  • Nail care

These days I pass freelance performances on to my students but I have fond memories of being at “work” which was literally a party. Everyone is happy to be there and glad to see you.